2019 Striking Hairstyles for Super Long Hair

Sure, lob is still the hottest cut of the season and you may also see many women that are trimming their tresses into sophisticated pixies. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore hairstyles for super long hair length. There are two types of women- those who are fond of short haircuts and those who can never give up on long hair. There are tons of stunning hairstyles that you can pull off with super long hair. We have rounded up some of our favorite options for the next time you feel like you want something new. Go on reading to see some inspiring hairstyles for super long hair in 2019.2019 Striking Hairstyles for Super Long HairSuper Long Ponytail

Go for ultra long ponytail regardless of whether you go to the party or you just want to match it with your casual outfit. To jazz it up, add a black tie around the pony- a simple black ribbon takes a dull ponytail from gym to red carpet ready look. Use special hair products to make your ponytail as sleek as possible, just like this one.Super Long PonytailWaist-Length Locks

Vanessa Hudgens proudly demonstrates her waist-length tresses. Well, it is a matter of confidence. She hasn’t done anything special to look good apart from throwing half of her wavy locks behind her shoulder. However the most of hair is still visible. She is pretty inspiring for young generation. Those who are blessed with long and thick hair should definitely try this out.Waist-Length LocksBraids for Long Hair

Braids don’t have to look neat and perfect. This lovely braided hairstyle looks amazing on super long hair. If you have ever dreamt to have a mermaid look, this option may just work great for you. It is all about braids that are as romantic as they are edgy. Make the braids as loose as possible and use bobby pins to keep them in place. You can wear this headdress both for casual and formal events.Braids for Long HairThree-Strand Braid for Long Hair

The beauty of three-strand braid is in its simplicity. You can create ultra-feminine look with a simple braided style. We recommend loosening a few pieces in front to make everyone think that you got a lob haircut and when you turn around everyone will see the real length of your tresses. Tie the tip of your braid with a simple hair ribbon and you are ready to impress everyone.Three Strand Braid for Long Hair

Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Next time you decide to pull off a low ponytail, try it with loose strands to frame your face. Even two pieces of your locks will soften your face shape. It is a fantastic option particularly for ladies with chubby faces. This cute ponytail is a modern version of 90s’ do. Maybe it is the highest moment to try some retro inspired looks with modern twists.Low Ponytail HairstyleDouble Braids

Try out some gorgeous double plaits in a messy pattern. It will provide a boho chic look that you have always wanted to have. This headdress is an excellent option to keep your hair out of your face while having an impressive and striking appearance.Double Braids