Shoulder-Length Hairstyles to Steal Right Now

It is not a secret that the medium-length hair is one of the most manageable lengths that allow you to go for various hairstyles for an everyday look. Shoulder-length haircuts are totally in trend that’s why many celebrities have already spotted rocking these cuts. Here are some shoulder length haircuts that you can steal right now as they are super trendy and stylish. Most of these cuts look even better with a right dye job. Let’s hope these pictures will help you find a cute hairstyle for your next hairstyle makeover.medium length hair The Lob or Long Bob

Long bob or lob has been around us for years and it seems the number of females wearing lob haircut is getting increased season by season. One reason is that anyone can pull it off but every year the style adds a slight twist to look modern and stylish. 2019 lobs look better in a messy and nonchalant pattern. Add some waves to the tips of your stands to maintain the undone look. With this look you can go everywhere.Lob haircutMessy Fringe

Fringe is the easiest way to change up your entire look. Well, if you think that the fringe is a huge commitment, opt for longer version that is just above your eyes. However, this long fringe looks better when it is messed up. Any hairstyle can be paired with bangs but they look absolutely amazing with shoulder-length hair. Whenever you find your bangs irritating, you can tuck them with pins.

Messy FringeAngled Lob

Angled lob haircuts are totally different from the other long bob cuts. Angled lob is for adventurous girls who love to stand out in the crowd with their unique haircut. This particular style looks pretty edgy and bold and you can style it either straight or wavy. However, a modern dye job will definitely enhance the look of your lob.Angled LobDouble Dutch Braid

Double Dutch braids are all over social media as most of girls love to rock this girly look. Well, double Dutch braids can be created on medium length hair too and it will provide a youthful and rebellious vibe. The best thing about double Dutch braids is that they always boost one’s confidence while making the look super stylish. Double Dutch braids can be paired both with casual and formal outfits.

Double Dutch BraidBlunt Medium-Length Hair

Blunt cuts look so attractive and feminine. You can style your blunt cut straight or wavy, neat or messy- in all cases you will be ultra stylish. Some females prefer to pair a blunt cut with bangs while others rock it with a parting. This particular one features a simple center part and wavy locks that are massed up.  Blunt Medium Length Hair